25 September 2011


For a few years now I've been wanting hyacinths in my garden mainly because they smell so lovely. Each year I try to remember to buy the bulbs in the fall and get them planted so they'll bloom in the spring. Unfortunately I usually wait too long or think that they are too expensive so I leave it for the next year. A couple of years ago I bought hyacinth bulbs at WalMart but they came up as ornamental onions :( I don't know what happened there, but I think it was a mislabeled bunch.

This year I saved up some money and went to a greenhouse for the bulbs. For some reason I thought they only came in only a few colors: pink, white, blue and purple. When I found them in the greenhouse I discovered ten different colors! Ok, some of them are two different shades of blue or purple, but I think they'll smell differently so I bought one of each color. The colors that surprised me were apricot and yellow. I don't think I've ever seen those two. It occurred to me that it would have been a good idea to plan the color layout in advance so I would know what I wanted to buy. Instead I just bought one bag of each color (and two bags of red by accident), each bag had four bulbs. Except one had five - bonus :)

When I got home I decided that if I didn't like the layout then I could move them after they've bloomed, or even add more next fall. When standing in front of it, the area I have set aside for hyacinths is about two feet tall and seven feet wide. Instead of putting them in clumps or patterns I did what I tend to do and planted them in little columns. Each column is one color, starting with white on the left and moving to Blue Ice on the right. Hopefully they will all bloom and look like a rainbow :)

I put them in this order: Carnegie, City of Haarlem, Apricot Passion, Gipsy Queen, Red Magic (twice), Woodstock, Peter Stuyvsant, King of the Blues, Delft Blue and finally Blue Ice. I used the label to determine the color order but I see online some of them might be a bit different then I thought. I managed to figure out my new Gimp program enough to come up with the photo below of the color. I guess I'll have to wait until spring to see if I like the order or not.

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