24 September 2011

I finally got all three to the dentist

I took the boys and J's GF to the dentist for their annual cleaning and checkup. None of them were happy to go. None of them enjoyed the experience. None of them looked forward to it at all. But then, I've only met one person in my lifetime that liked getting her teeth cleaned. She said it was like a massage for your gums.

The easiest was J's GF. Her teeth were in excellent shape with no cavities at all. My dental plan at work doesn't cover her as she's not related to me, but her Native Treaty plan covered it all! I loved that :)

T had only one tiny cavity that the dentist said will go away if he brushes and flosses. Go away? Funny how my tiny cavities turned into large cavities. Then the teeth became brittle and fell apart in my mouth. Painful? Hell yes. Maybe next year he can have that tiny cavity filled. We found out his wisdom teeth are developed and pushing on his other teeth so they need to come out. T wants to be asleep for it so I had to get a referral to a dental surgeon. When I called the surgeon's office it turned out that's the office T went to eight years ago to have his front teeth and two supernumerary teeth removed. Small world :) We have a consultation appointment in October and I'm hoping to have the surgery done over Christmas.

J discovered that the hygienist doesn't polish or fluoride your teeth when you tell her you don't want it done. I wasn't particularly happy about that, but was happy that he isn't afraid to say what he wants and doesn't want. The dentist found two large cavities in his mouth which I don't remember from his last visit. These were his first cavities and he's 15! He got them filled (both at the same time) and experienced Novocaine for the first time. He was hilarious :) Pulling his lip, slapping his face, trying to sound out the letter F, drooling everywhere. All the while saying "This is cool! Check this out! It feels like rubber! It doesn't hurt when I do this" - *slaps face hard* - "ow. Ok, that hurt." I'm sure we were a spectacle in the mall with him playing with his face and me laughing at him.

Next is S and I at the dentist. I am not happy to go. I don't enjoy the experience. I don't look forward to it at all. 


Timothy Mclaney said...

Ahh, I know how you feel. After all the hustle and bustle of taking the kids to the dentist, it's easy to feel drained when it's your time to go. Of course, the discomfort is also problematic. The best thing to do is... well, to just get it done. Worrying and fretting about does nothing but make the wait feel longer.

Bettye Primm said...

So, how was your previous visit with your dentist? I agree with Timothy! The more you think of something, the more you will stress yourself. You better let yourself be done with it, so you wouldn’t have to fret about it. ;) All your worries and fears will vanish once you’re finished with it.