04 September 2011

My garden

I have a rose bush in the front that has been trying to get in to the house this summer. So far I've pushed the stems back, pruned them and tied them up. They just keep coming back out though and now they are starting to block the mailbox. Occasionally I'll even have to kick a stem out of the way to close the door. Today I finally did something about it. 

I bought this stuff called Bird-X early in the spring. I'd intended to use it as a trellis for some Ruby Moon vines but my landlord was not happy with the idea of a vine crawling all over the house. Bird-X is a black plastic flexible netting designed to be put over bushes and shrubbery to stop birds from doing bird things. I ended up tying the Bird-X to the railing on the front step to create a kind of wall that the stems can't get through. Hopefully. Just to make sure it was difficult for the stems I used several layers of the Bird-X. As I was tying it I realized I was doing it in the spirit of my dad: functional, but not pretty :)

After I was done I noticed that the bush is actually quite tall and will most likely fall over the top of the railing next year. But that is a problem for next year.

We had so much rain this year that I think it stunted my sweet peas, but caused my mini lilac bush to have a second blooming! Ok, only one bloom. But still, I don't think this bush has ever bloomed twice in a year. 

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