01 September 2011


You know what I miss? Time to myself.

I had no idea I liked it so much until I had it. When I lived with my parents there were four other people in the house and seven (I think) cats so there was never a moment where the house was empty. Then I moved in with my future ex and discovered how wonderful it is to have the house completely to myself. And don't get me wrong, I adore the people I live with and I don't want them to go away, but there is something incredibly relaxing about not hearing other bodies moving around. A book I read described quiet as being not the absence of sound, but the absence of the possibility of sound.

Not being alone was the single hardest adjustment to being a parent. I found a solution by enjoying my time as much as possible when they were asleep. Now that they are teens they sleep on a different schedule than me and tend to bang around the house at all hours. I would've thought they'd be out all summer but this year they spent it mostly indoors. Even J who has been known to be out for a couple of days at a time stayed in with his GF. Actually, he got GF playing World of Warcraft so they were both glued to their computers for most of the summer.

It didn't help this summer that S was not working either. He was laid off in June because his department was outsourced to the States and it took a while to find another good job. He's working now and his schedule is different than I'm accustomed to. It's twelve hour shifts - two on, two off, three on, two off, two on, three off, etc. It works out to one week being Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday and the next being Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday. So on the days that the kids are all in school, S might be home.

So now I find myself eyeing the calendar looking forward to the day that S will be working, the kids in school and I get off early enough to unwind in a nice, quiet house. Soon...

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