01 October 2011


Fall is here in all of it's glory. I used to dislike the season because it felt like an ending to all the fun and freedom of summer. Recently I've come to admit to myself that summer was never really much fun and I'd rather be learning or expanding my brain than lying around the house all day with no plans. Keep in mind I had very few friends growing up so summers did not mean more time to socialize. Also I've learned that I much prefer routines to unending free time.

Some of the best things about fall - 

- the crunch of dry leaves under my feet...or under the tires of my car. Last weekend S and I went out for breakfast early enough that most people weren't out but late enough that the sun was up and warm. The leaves had begun to really fall off the trees and form leaf puddles on the roads. Not many people had been driving so the leaves hadn't been crushed yet so I swerved my car (safely) into the puddles to hear all the crunching under the tires.

- the smell of the leaves on a warm fall day. This year we were treated to some very warm weather after the leaves had begun their change. The sun changed the rot of the leaves just a bit making them much more fragrant to me. I could even tell the difference between the elms and the sweet scent of birches if I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. What was intoxicating was walking in the Ravine and catching the smell of damp earth from the creek bed mixed with warm birch leaves and someone's wood fire. I had to stop in my tracks, close my eyes, and just take in as much of the scent as I could. Muscles I didn't even know were tense loosened up in my neck. Fantastic.

- slight chill in the air. We live so far north that the frost builds up in the earth pretty fast. Once the ground begins to chill the ambient air temperature drops a bit and doesn't heat up as much. After the suffocating heat of summer it's a relief to have air that is a bit cooler. It feels fresher and easier to breathe than the stagnant summer heated air. Invigorating is the word I'm looking for I think.

- warmer clothes. Yes, it's nice to need a light jacket, long sleeves, jeans or socks again. Pleasant to add a layer of clothes to create a personal pocket of warmth. Good to wear clothes that are a bit kinder to my aging figure and cover me up just a bit more. With warmer clothes comes warmer sheets as well. S will crawl into bed just a bit before me and take the chill off the sheets. That way when I get into bed my exposed skin isn't shocked by the cold. He likes the shock and seems happy with being a human sheet warmer for me.

- hot drinks. Mmmmm...tea and hot chocolate are like warm hugs from the inside out. Fully appreciated when the air is cool, the tip of my nose is chilly and my slippers get more mileage. Curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book is wonderful.

While I don't tend to look forward to fall I do seem to like it once it's here.

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