02 October 2011

Lingerie Football

I remember standing in my kitchen at 12 years old in 1982 when my dad said "Women are considered people now, they are equal to men". I was floored! My response was something like "What? Of course we are equal. Women are people too!" I had no conception that women would be any less than men or that the government didn't consider women to be equal. I assumed that when the word 'man' was used it meant 'human' and not 'penis-only'. My dad was referring to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that was amended at the time to include equality of the sexes. I was not impressed that it took the government that long to consider women equal.

Fast forward almost thirty years. It is now 2011 and while I still see some struggle in our society, I also see a lot of equality. I very rarely feel put down for having ovaries and when I do it's usually with older men. The discrimination exists as does the condensation towards women and I am usually able to attribute it to less evolved men with closed minds. I simply stay away from them or limit my contact with them, which is surprisingly easy to do. The more enlightened men far outweigh the narrow minded men in my little corner of the world.

So I ask you, WTF is this lingerie football sh*t!?!??

Women have come a long way and I feel like we are being sexualized and debased by this league. Oh yes, there is a league for this sport. Apparently it started as a half time show during the Super Bowl in the USA and evolved into a league in 2009. And now Canada has teams and my city will have a team in the 2012 season. I am personally disgusted by this announcement. 

At first I thought that it was the only way for women to play football in a league but I was wrong. I did a bit of research this morning and found that my Province has a Women's Footy League which is Australian Football (aka rugby) and we have a Women's Football League in Canada that plays tackle football just like our male counterparts. Just to be sure I checked and the USA also has a Women's Football League that plays tackle football as well. So it's not like women don't have an outlet to play the game professionally. 

I have no doubt that there is a following for this fantasy football. The leagues will make a lot of money on ticket sales and merchandise, to say nothing of the porn industry and what they will do to boost viewership. I'm sure the women aren't playing on the teams against their will or are in any way misled into joining. But it does take away from the legitimacy of women's football by having teams that play in skimpy undies. What a degrading leap backwards this semi-porn league has made for women overall.

All of this leads me back to equality. If women play in their tiny lacy underwear on a professional team, where are the men's teams playing in their skin tight underwear? Don't even try telling me that there won't be a market for it. I'm sure there are lots of women and homosexual men who would like to see men running around with clearly defined bottoms. Oh and guys? If you do set up a fantasy football team of men please be sure to consider whether each teammate is a 'grower' or 'shower'. If you fall into the former category please augment with carefully placed padding in your underwear. After all, I'd be paying to see the the definition of all your muscles in clingy, spandex/cotton low rider underwear, so make it worth my while. Women do it for men with padded bras and boob jobs, the same consideration should be taken for men on these teams.

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