12 November 2011

Glass Ceiling

I thought I wrote about the database program I suggested at work. Back in April there was a meeting about how to implement a bar code system at work to help in the event of a recall. When I found out about the meeting I basically cornered the guy in charge and told him what I thought would work best. As a result, I was invited to the meeting.

The plan, according to the representative from the bar code company, was to have each individual item coded with a different bar code. Each bag of sugar would be coded individually so that one bag could be tracked to the final product. I didn't think this plan would work as it doesn't really matter where the fourth bag of sugar three rows from the top on the pallet ended up. Instead we need to be concerned with lot codes. If the sugar company sends us a recall on a specific lot code, we need to be able to figure out where that lot code of sugar was used. I was able to clearly state, step by step, how this database of lot codes could be created even though I have no knowledge of how to set up or maintain a database. I even mentioned that other parts of our computer system could be tied to the lot code program, things like inventory and recipe component sheets. I was told that I came across as very intelligent and well informed. That was the last I heard about the program.

After this meeting I decided that if I were to go to school I would go to be a Database Administrator. I was planning on going in the fall term part time but the fibroids make it too difficult to be away from a bathroom longer than an hour. S pointed out that after the surgery I won't be able to lift anything but I will be able to sit in a computer lab and get my certificate. So I planned on going to school in the winter term and then approaching my bosses about having me build and maintain the database for lot codes.

Over the last few weeks I've gone to Accountant to ask a few questions about the database program, basically feeling him out on whether or not the company will bother to spend the money to get it up and running. Accountant wasn't at the original meeting so each time I spoke to him I would somehow manage to mention that the program was my idea. Not once has he acknowledged that I was the one that came up with the plan, even though it sounds like they are using the system I suggested. I felt like I was trying to scream through a glass ceiling. I felt like the bosses can see me, hear my ideas, use my ideas, but not credit me for the ideas.

Accountant had mentioned not too long ago that the company was going to develop the program soon, even though it was expensive. I went to see him to get a firmer timeline hoping it would be in about six months to a year. Long enough for me to take the courses at the technical institute. Accountant said the guy who will be in charge of the program will be starting late this month or early December. He will shadow all the departments to get an idea of how to write the program. I was crushed. I want to do it. I even broached the subject of taking the courses and how I'd be interested in at least maintaining the database. Accountant appeared to be deaf to everything I had to say about it. 

Never in my life have I felt so ignored by my boss. Ok, I've never had any plan to advance anywhere in any company. Here I thought I'd have the opportunity to carve out a niche for myself at the company doing something I would genuinely love to do. I didn't even take into consideration that I wouldn't be given the opportunity. 

I still plan on going to school and getting the certificate. If the company I work for won't consider me for the position as an in-house Database Administrator instead using someone on a contract basis, then I guess I'll eventually have to find work somewhere else. As I heard on CSI this week: "Sometimes you have to move out to move up."


Chantelle said...

Wow, that really sucks. What a terrible disappointment :(

Good luck with your courses!


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

ohhhh no. that is horrible. our grandfather invented a remote control channel changer when he worked for Northern Electric, and he could not profit from the idea because he was their employee and he created the idea
on the clock".

employers are so incredibly mercenary about their employee's ideas. i can't believe they didn't pay for you to get trained in this stuff, or even just used your expertise once you were trained.