14 November 2011


  • We finally had our first snowfall on 12Nov setting a record for the longest wait for first snow. Even though it sometimes melts away, we usually have snow by October.
  • I'm worried that the Morden Sunrise won't make it through the winter. The leaves didn't even change color much less fall off. Same for my new lilac bush with the dual colored flowers. Both plants had beautiful, healthy green leaves right through the killing frost. And both plants should have shed their leaves for winter. I think.
  • T has his driver's licence now. He took the classes over the summer and got the licence a couple of weeks ago. He's a very good driver, I am not a very good passenger. I like control and to give up control and allow someone to drive me around was really difficult. When T started practicing his driving I made it clear that my grumpiness had more to do with my control issues than his driving. Surprisingly, as soon as I told T that I was less grumpy and controlling. J wants his licence but has no patience to review the manual to write the test.
  • For the first time in a decade I had to pay for my music instead of downloading it. I wanted a specific version of the song Mony Mony and it just wasn't available anyfreakingwhere on the Internet. Very frustrating. 
  • Yesterday I drove by the youth emergency shelter here in my city and they had a sign saying they need socks. Zellers had a sale on socks. The shelter now has 56 new pairs of plain white crew socks.
  • It occurred to me that I haven't planned a meal since my mom died almost a year ago. Right before she died I went through all my recipes and created a two week meal plan. I was in the process of making one of the meals when I got a knock at the door. It was the police notifying me of my mom's death.
  • Another symptom of fibroids that I didn't know about is the feeling that my uterus is filling up faster than it can drain during my monthlies. I can't even describe how horrendous this feels.
  • My mom died almost a year ago and her estate still isn't settled. Her pension is taking their sweet time in paying out. I would love the closure of having everything wrapped up and finished.

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