04 January 2012

Pine tree

I have this pine tree outside in my front yard that I've never really liked. Off all the different kinds of trees I find pine to be the ones I like the least. However, this is not my house. It is my landlord's house and I figured if there was a tree in the front yard then it was there for a reason.

S and I were shopping at Walmart recently and we ran into our landlords. While the wife looked pretty much with it for someone her age, her husband took a few minutes to recognize me. They are old, they were old when I moved into the house 13 years ago, and now I think age is catching up and leaving him to be a shell of his former self.

Once he remembered who we were he asked how the house was doing. He wished he could visit more often but just couldn't get to it. I told him everything was fine then remembered the fridge. The fridge was old when I moved in and had recently began producing mold in earnest. The compressor in both the freezer and cooler portions were going, causing items to freeze to the inside of the freezer and water to pool under the crisper drawers. I knew from my mom's old fridge that there wasn't much life left. The landlord thought it would be easier to simply replace it now rather than wait, so he did. We have a new fridge now :)

During our mini-visit crowding the aisle of candy at Walmart I also mentioned the tree out front. I told him how I disliked pine trees and that one day he may drive by and it won't be there. He didn't seem too bothered by that. Another tenant put it there, not him, he said. Thus began my plan to chop down the tree. 

The timing was excellent as well. The waste management team picks up Christmas trees if they are left outside by a certain date in January. I figured if I could get the tree chopped down and leave the boughs near the garbage, they would be picked up with the Christmas trees.

So I went outside. It's a balmy 8C right now so I could build up a sweat and not freeze to death. I slipped on the leather working gloves S bought at the beginning of gardening season, got the hatchet from the car and made my way to the tree. The tree looks smaller from inside the house. When I got up to it I found it was about 6 or 7 feet tall. I really should have done this years ago. I grabbed one bough, bent it down and started hacking away. I discovered very quickly that this was harder than I thought.

I know I've put on a bit of weight in the last two weeks. I haven't been working because it's shutdown and I always get a big poochy during this time. I also know I'm a bit weaker as I'm not lifting heavy bags all day. But I had no idea that I was this weak. I was only able to chop down two small boughs before feeling like my muscles were made of rubber. I simply could not conjure up enough energy to even consider chopping any more. I blame the fibroids for this. I used to have so much energy, now I'm profoundly exhausted after a day of work and am unable to physically do the things I used to do. I'm hoping the hysterectomy on 16Jan corrects this problem.

Since there is no way I can get this tree down myself, I asked J if he would do it. More accurately, I offered to pay him to do it. He is always looking for ways to earn money and I am always left finding jobs worth the amounts he wants. When I asked him if he would chop the pine tree down, his response was "what pine tree?". It wasn't until he looked outside and saw it that he remembered we have a pine tree in the front yard. And he did indeed chop it down...for double the price I offered :) He then convinced his brother T to move all the boughs to the garbage area for 1/4 of what I paid him. Now the only thing left is to have a stump removal company to come by and get rid of the stump.

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