30 January 2012

Surgery is done

I came out of the surgery just fine, thank goodness :) The doctor said there were no complications with it and expected me to heal well. There were two residents assisting with the surgery that I met beforehand and they seemed nice enough. Those two visited me early the next morning to check on the incision before the doctor came by. One of the residents decided to remove the gauze bandage covering the incision by taking hold of a corner and yanking it as hard as possible. I might have screamed, I did grab her wrist and told her it hurt so stop it. She sort of shrugged and ripped off the remaining half. I was in agony. 

This was also the time the pain medication had worn off. I had told the nurses I didn't want the codeine and the morphine needle hurt too much so they hadn't given me anything until they could talk to the doctor. At this point I called a nurse over and told her I'd take the morphine just get it to me right now please. She clucked and said she'd see about it, that it was my fault for refusing the codeine. She couldn't just add the codeine back unless a doctor signed off on it, and that the head nurse knew she had to talk to the doctor about it. I started to cry and stared at the clock. Twenty minutes went by and the doctor came in to see me bawling and holding a pillow to the incision. She asked what was wrong and I told her it hurt and I hadn't been given anything and I just wanted something anything please right now. She left looking cross. It was around fifteen minutes later I was given a needle with morphine and the nurse asking me if I'd told the doctor to re-add the codeine. I could barely string a sentence together much less talk to the doctor. The nurse did acknowledge it must have hurt as it'd been 12 hours since my last pain relief. Somehow it got done and I was given morphine at night to sleep and codeine during the day.

I asked S to stay with me in the hospital during the day mostly because I was freaked out and felt I needed someone there with me. He was ok with it and had told his work that this might happen so it wasn't a surprise when he called in. I asked for him again the next day and his work said no, so he quit. When we got home the day after that he called his work and they did admit that they had some warning that he might take those two days off. They agreed to be a bit more understanding in the future so he accepted his job back. That was on Thursday. His next shift was Saturday. He went but felt bad all day, by that night we were both in the bathroom with the stomach flu. Vomiting with an abdominal incision was not an enjoyable experience. Both my boys had it, one the day of my surgery, the other the day I came home. S called in sick for his two shifts on Sunday and Monday. Work called him before his next shift and told him he's basically been demoted or he could leave. He took the demotion but is actively looking for a new job.

My incision is also not healing quite right. All the layers under the skin are sewn together with dissolving stitches, the top layer is held with staples. Two of my staples were not put in correctly and were falling out so they were removed on the second day instead of the fifth day after surgery. Steri strips were put in their place but didn't hold the incision together well. When the rest of the staples were removed on the fifth day the nurse said the incision was open a bit, weeping, but not infected. She replaced the steri strips with new ones and said to dry the wound out as much as possible. When those steri strips came off last Sunday I got a good look at the incision. Instead of it being a fine line there is a thicker part to it that looks raw. Like the inside of your lip. It weeps as well. I'd gone to an ER because I thought it was infected but it turns out it was fine, it's supposed to look raw and weepy. I'm supposed to look for very red areas, inflammation, and yellow pus. That would mean infection. For now everything is ok.

Every day I feel just a tiny bit more like myself.

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