14 February 2012

Every Day I'm Puzzlin'

Shortly before my surgery I was trying to figure out what to do with all the time I was going to have on my hands. I remembered that I used to do jigsaw puzzles a long time ago and figured that would feed my need to put things in order and fill my time. I was right.

S bought me this 4000 piece Mordillo Crazy World Cup puzzle partly because it had a lot of pieces and partly because it looks like polka dots (I do so love polka dots). 

It took me a shade under five weeks to complete the puzzle. Except for one thing:
Yep. Missing a piece. Probably in the house, most likely I'll find it years after I put the puzzle away for good. When considering what puzzle to do next I thought of another Mordillo. But I realized something I'd forgotten about my brain - the more I looked at the puzzle and placed the pieces the more I memorized the layout of the puzzle. If I did another Mordillo then I would expect to see the same colors, characters and placement as the World Cup and that would be frustrating. I'm the same way with novels, once I read the book I essentially memorize the plot. This makes it difficult to read the same book twice.

Update: I found the missing piece!! It was waaaaay under my computer desk :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your puzzle. Sadly, I'm still looking for my missing piece (metaphorically speaking). Just started following you -- going to snoop around a bit!