07 February 2012


Ok, I'm impatient in my healing. I want to be completely better now and am a bit frustrated by the fact that I'm only entering week 4.

My scar is now granulating, which is to say it's creating kind of a wet scab to repair itself. I'm not a skinny woman so my belly flab covers the scar when I'm standing or sitting. I suspect this is making the healing process a bit slower. To make up for that I've been sleeping on my back and pulling my pudge out of the way when watching tv. The inside of the scar feels like my gums do when novocaine wears off...only at a much slower pace. Every once in a while I get a zzzzzing! feeling that I think is a nerve growing back and a slow tingly feeling as the numbness goes away.

The doctor did in fact keep both of my ovaries - yay! I know menopause will happen no matter what but I really wanted it to be natural not surgical. I was also worried about sexual function and feeling...I found out there's no difference there :) I'm very happy about that.

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