16 February 2012

I now have a very clean house

Yesterday I felt well enough to clean my house...and I was tired of looking at all the dirt everywhere. I intended to do just the bathroom but once I finished that and had a shower I saw the dust in the living room begging to be removed. I dusted then vacuumed the living room and thought I might as well clean the insides and outsides of all the cupboard doors in the kitchen. They are painted white and show a surprising amount of dirt. I finished those and had the energy to then clean the counter top, tile backsplash, and the underside of the cupboards. I poured bleach into the sinks and took a break for lunch. Of all the cleaners out there, chlorine bleach cleans a kitchen sink best and takes no work at all. Just pour on some bleach, let it sit, and rinse with a cloth/sponge you don't care about. 

Once the sinks were done I moved to the shelf above the stove, cleaned the top and underside of said shelf, top and front of the stove, shelf beside the stove, toaster oven, and toaster. Then I looked over at the microwave and cleaned it inside and out as well as the stand it's on. That left the floor. Yep, it got done next on my hands and knees. I figured I'd save the basement stairs (they are wood painted white with black plastic treads stapled to the middle of each step) and back landing for another day...and changed my mind. I scrubbed the whole back entry, steps, banister, and spot cleaned the walls. While I was doing all this I was also getting the laundry done. 

When I was done scrubbing I went downstairs to prepare to shampoo the carpet in J's room and finally get the wax out of it (hint: wax on clothes and carpet is easy to remove, place a sheet of newspaper over the wax and iron it. The wax transfers to the newspaper). But J was still in there and in the way. He has this whole week off school so he's around at random times. That effectively ended my cleaning for the day, also it was about 4pm by that time.

I was tired but not exhausted after doing all that work and started to think that maybe I could return to my job earlier than expected. Nine weeks is a long time to be off and I feel much better. I'm at the halfway mark and have four and a half weeks to go. What stopped me from calling work? The knowledge that even though I have a huge amount of energy/adrenaline there is no way I can lift the required amount of weight for the day. I'd just hurt myself. And, I did some quick math and found the amount I'm receiving for disability is really quite a lot. The disability is only 66.67% of my gross income but it's non-taxable. The money I receive from them is like having a cheque from work after the taxes are taken off. And, because work is on a four day week (again) there is no way I'd end up bringing home the same amount of money. And, the second cheque of the month has my benefits taken off - $150 - which makes a huge difference in the take-home pay. So I'm actually making just a bit more right now than if I was working five days a week and paying into my benefit plan.

So there's no point in returning to work early. Now I just need to find some activities that use up all this energy so I can sleep better and feel better. I know a lot of people complain about physical activity and exercise but I actually like it. Not reps or treadmill stuff, but stuff where my body is moving around and doing some kind of manual labour. I kinda wish it was spring so I could start preparing the garden. Maybe dig a whole new garden or edge my lawn. Instead it's nice out but still snowy and icy in spots and my indoor hobbies involve a lot of sitting around eating chocolate.

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Chantelle said...

I'm pleased to see that you're feeling better and up to cleaning. I'm also pleased to hear that you're not going back to work right away. Your body handled the one marathon cleaning day and it would be good to know how you feel over the next few days.

love you,