06 March 2012

Another one bites the dust

Yep, I finished another puzzle. I started this one today and finished it today...not much of a challenge. I thought it would be more difficult because the finished puzzle has 13 differences than the cover photo. Maybe I didn't find it too difficult because it was stamps and it was easy to assemble each stamp without even consulting the cover art. 

The pieces were at least cut in a more interesting way than usual. There were lots of distorted shapes so there was no up or down to each piece. That made it a bit harder I suppose. One major flaw in the puzzle was that the finished photo did not have enough pixels to create a good enlargement of the original. The puzzle ended up looking fuzzy and indistinct which is something I don't really like. I prefer a sharp image when enlarged and figure if it can't be sharp then don't bother.

I bought another puzzle by the same company that I'll do next. It has 71 differences between the finished puzzle and the cover art. Hopefully that one will be a bit more challenging.

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