03 March 2012

Oh Sugar Sugar

I bought this bag of sugar yesterday so I can be ready for work in two weeks. Even though I own both, I really dislike working out using kettlebells or the Bowflex. It's just so...boring. But I know that I will have to get used to heavy weights again so I don't hurt myself on my first day back at work. In the first hour of my work day I lift around 60 bags/boxes weighing 20kg each, then the weight lifting tapers off as I start scaling all the partial amounts. The Bakery Manager said he would help out with the heavy lifting for a while, which is very kind of him. As much as I appreciate his help I do want to get back up to my normal workload sooner rather than later. 

So my friend Sugar Bag will be lifted around the house and placed on tables, chairs, a stool, and the floor so I can get used to the motion again. I don't take more than ten steps with any container at work so I will limit myself to short distances at home as well. The lowest item I have to pick up will be on a plastic pallet so if I can get Sugar Bag up off the floor easily then I'm set. The highest I will have to lift the container is up onto my stainless steel table at work which is waist height. This isn't a problem. The biggest problem will be the overhead lifting. I have to put items up to 15kg on a shelf above my head at work and I don't have anything at home to simulate that. Maybe that's where I'll get BM's help, or put those items on a cart or squish them onto the shelf below for the time being.

I already know to go slow which is why I gave myself two weeks to practice. I don't want to hurt myself but I do want to push myself a bit. Yesterday I only moved Sugar Bag from the car into the house, then from a chair to a table a few times. By the time I went to bed my leg muscles were aching and my arms felt ten feet long. I woke up this morning with only one single muscle in my arm feeling any soreness. I was quietly amazed at the resilience of my body. The incision site feels like it did before I lifted anything so I know I didn't overdo it.

When I go back to work I will have to find a way to eat all this refined white sugar. I hate the idea of so much waste. Lots of coffee maybe, or cereal. Eat it raw with a spoon. Gag.

At least our Bowflex hasn't gone to waste. J has decided he wants muscles and has developed his own workout routine on the treadmill and Bowflex. He was proud to have cleavage for the first time in the form of pectoral muscles :) There are some girls out there just as proud of their newly formed cleavage, I never thought my son would feel the same way.

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