10 April 2012


I cannot wait to get my hands into my garden this year. Spring came early and I was able to rake all of the grass except the fenced part of the back yard a week ago last Saturday. I had plans on finishing the raking during the week after work but it snowed. That snow wasn't too bad and was leaving quickly but then it really snowed. It's just cold enough at night to keep it on the ground for now but I'm hoping it melts soon.

My garden is filled with little helicopter seeds from a neighbor's tree and leaves from last fall. I went and inspected the Hyacinth area (not a single green shoot yet) and the Lily of the Valley area (no shoots there either) and saw the helicopters were already seeding. It is just impossible to get every single one of those out of the ground.

My Morden Sunrise looks suspiciously dead. The leaves didn't turn or come off last fall. There is not a single bit of green anywhere on that bush but I'll still hold out hope for a bit that it will revive itself. I just read in a book that if a rose bush dies you can't plant another in the same place, it will just die as well from Rose sick. I'd never heard of this but it explains why I couldn't put a new rose bush where the dead one was, but lilacs did just fine in that spot.

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