26 May 2012

Expensive month

So far, this has been an expensive month. 

Very early on in May I was the lucky recipient of a speeding ticket. The Peace Officers set up a speed trap on my way home from work right between two speed signs, one indicating 80km/hr and the other not too far away at 100km/hr. Yes, I got caught going 116km/hr in the 80 zone. That ticket was a whopping $228 and because it was on provincial roads I only had about 3-4 weeks to pay it instead of the 6-8 weeks for city roads. I watch my speed much more carefully now. 

My neighborhood is being re-done with new curbs, sidewalks, streetlamps, and resurfaced roads. I live on a very quiet street which the crews had blocked off to fix the water main before resurfacing. Smart move, but it enabled vandals to do some damage. S's car was broken into along with several others in the area one night. They broke the driver's side window and stole a watch he had in the console. My car was not touched. The window came to about $220 to replace and doesn't unroll quite the same.

T has been driving my car since he has a license now. He's been careful and takes every opportunity to drive his brother around the city. They went through the drive through at McDonald's when J distracted T just a bit, as brothers do, and T looked away for just a second. When he looked back he noticed a car parked in his path and wrenched the steering wheel to avoid hitting the car. He was not successful in his venture. He ended up scraping the bumper of the parked car and mangling my front quarter panel. The woman he hit had a fit (it was a 2008 Jeep) and wants to go through insurance companies to get her car fixed. I am expecting my rates to go up any day now.

My insurance does not cover collision as I tend to not hit things with my car so any repairs will have to be done out of my own pocket. I took it for an estimate and it will cost a little over $1600 for the bumper, fender, and light assembly. I really do not want to put that kind of money into my car. It's a machine to get me from A to B and back again, it doesn't have to be pretty. The body shop refused to just attach a new headlight as it won't fit in the newly crushed socket. If I knew how to get the bumper and fender off myself I'd go to a car junk yard and buy whatever color they have and stick it on my car. Instead I will book an appointment and get it repaired so I have the safety of a functioning indicator light. The headlight still works, it just points directly to the ground now. At least the body shop listened when I told them to ignore the scrapes on the driver's door. T needs some kind of reminder to watch the road when he drives :)

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Barry Bates said...

If your insurance does not cover collisions, then what benefit can you get from it? Mostly, car insurance covers damage repairs, and it looks like your insurance is a bit different from the usual ones. Don’t you think it’s time for you to consider getting a different car insurance?

-Barry Bates