01 May 2012

Icky renovations

The roof is done on my house and I thought that would be it for renovations by my landlord for a while. He's a...frugal...man and hasn't put a lot of money into the house in the fourteen years I've been here. I was wrong. 

He came by with his son and a list of repairs from the last inspection a year ago. They added some repairs and I didn't really think about it until Sunday night. My landlord is wanting to replace my kitchen cabinets completely and said the work would begin on 30 April. He said he'd call me to confirm the time and stuff but when I didn't hear from him by early evening I decided it would be best to empty the cabinets. S helped get all the contents loaded into boxes and bags which was excellent. He was a bit afraid to begin (I can be very controlling about stuff like that) until I told him I don't care how it gets into the container, or even whether a box or bag is used, as long as it's out of the cabinets. Now my kitchen stuff is in my living room. Have I mentioned before how I hate disorder?

I went out Sunday night to see my niece's dance recital (she was fabulous) and my landlord called while I was out. He talked to S and told him that the handyman would begin at around 8am and would start in the bathroom. I found out Monday that the kitchen probably won't be started until Friday. Now I'm tripping over my kitchen stuff and will for more than a week as I'm under no illusions that the cabinets will be done quickly.

The handyman came yesterday and started on some things like removing the doorjamb to the upstairs bathroom and one bedroom. We have had to use the downstairs bathroom to shower and do other bathroom type things. I remembered very quickly how awful it is to shower in the tiny stall in the basement. I also remembered how much I hate coming home to people.

I like my house quiet. I like my house in the order I put it in. I like things where they are supposed to be (why did the handyman take the medicine chest off the bathroom wall to paint? Seriously...paint around it.). I like only residents of my house to be in my house when I come home from work. Not a handyman and my landlord. And not...NOT...having a handyman's radio playing at volumes to be heard above drills. S asked him to turn it down yesterday, which he did, and today instead of loud it's at medium volume. Better than loud, but best would be off. I keep telling myself that he shouldn't be here too long. The work left is replacing the trim around the two doorjambs (new jambs are done), painting doorjambs and trim, replacing the ceiling fan in the bathroom, planing one door so it fits better in the jamb (now that room needs a new jamb, it's cracked from J slamming the door all the time), painting two more doors upstairs (I think), and lastly the kitchen cabinets, counter top, and back splash.

But. But...the landlord was just here complaining about the tile back splash in the kitchen. Something about not being able to just fit the new counter top in where the old one used to be. Something about the tiles causing a problem. Oh lordy.

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Vicki Prinsen said...

*cough* aspie *cough* just kidding. i imagine that many disorders including bipolar lead a person to be uncomfortable with change. i am the same way, yet different. i can't stand having things rearranged, yet... i don't mind picking up and moving. go figure.