11 May 2012

Job offer

There I was at work, minding my own business and planning my day, when Bakery Manager came up to me and sat on my ingredient shelf beside the scale I was using. He said he had something for me to think about over the weekend (this was last Friday) and proceeded to tell me that Purchaser has given his notice and BM thought I'd be perfect for the job. My first response was a resounding "no" which I expressed to BM right away. He continued to tell me why I'd be so good at the job - detail oriented, know the basics of the bakery, understand what the products are, computer savvy - and asked me to at least think about it over the weekend.

Not a half hour later Accountant asks to see me in the Production Office. There I found Bakery Manager and Production Manager waiting for me. All three then told me how good I'd be at the job and how much better it would be if they had a Purchaser that was already familiar with the processes. I told them all that I would think about it over the weekend without giving them a single inch one way or the other.

I left the office and immediately began to obsess over the decision. There are aspects to the job I would like (paperwork, data entry, tracking) and things I would strongly dislike (responsibility, sourcing new items, dealing with Plant Leader's mercurial decisions). I spent the entire weekend agonizing over whether or not I should take it. S was incredibly supportive in that he didn't press me into a decision one way or another and listened when I brought it up over and over and over again.

Monday rolled around so I went to Accountant and told him that I really didn't know what was involved in the job and whether or not I would like it. Before I could finish he told me I could train with Purchaser for the week to get a better idea of the duties. I agreed to that and did indeed train with him all week. By Wednesday I decided I really did not want the job. Even though everyone around me (except S) was encouraging me to take it I just did not want that level of responsibility. Well, I also felt horribly under qualified as every single bit of what I was shown was new to me...and he only showed me the tip of the iceberg!

On Wednesday I went back to Accountant and told him I would not be taking the job. He simply would not listen to me and poo-poohed all my reasons why. I finally told him that I have Bipolar Disorder and this kind of stress causes me to crack. I like a job that assigns me a bunch of work with a timeline. I will optimize the job and become incredibly efficient. Purchasing is a reactionary job which means I have to deal with stuff as it happens, when it happens. I hate that.

Accountant did actually manage to talk me into being a stop-gap Purchaser until someone could be hired. I will do the barest minimum to keep the plant in operation and nothing more. When I told him that he tried saying that if something isn't available I could call the vendor and see about getting the supplies a different way...no stress right? Wrong. I told him I would place the orders and check for verification. Nothing more. Egg truck explodes and eggs aren't available, not my problem. A vendor suddenly stops making cardboard circles, problem turfed to Accountant.

One thing I did tell BM today was that I don't want too much help in Scaling while I help in Purchasing. I have learned with this company that people are taken advantage of and used beyond capacity if allowed. So if I am to be doing both jobs then I want to get paid for both jobs. If it takes me two hours to complete the day's purchasing then I can be expected to earn two hours of overtime for it. If I have too much help in Scaling then Accountant will see that I can do both jobs in 8 hours and suddenly I will be expected to continue doing both jobs. I want Accountant to be aware that purchasing duties are in addition to my regular duties, not instead of regular duties.

One disturbing thing was made very clear to me over the week - Accountant does not accept an answer that goes against his thinking. Each time I said no he managed to get me to do as he wants anyway. I see this is partly my fault for not standing my ground. Now that I'm aware of it I plan to be much more firm with him.

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Vicki Prinsen said...

interesting experience for you. i think you did a good job of setting boundaries. don't be too hard on yourself as you were clearly balancing both your own best interest AND your employer's. you didn't leave them high and dry but you also decided what is est for you. i think you did a good job.