28 May 2012

Something is up at work

Something is going on at work. My antennae is quivering wildly with suspicion that something awful might happen.

After I said no to the Purchaser's job I agreed to help in the interim with the idea that Accountant would help me out. The stress of doing it was tremendous, my muscles actually hurt at the idea of doing the job and I had nothing but dread for it. So I went to Accountant and told him that I couldn't even help in the meantime. He would have to find someone else, not me. He still had a hard time accepting my answer (which served to seriously piss me off) so I told him about having Bipolar Disorder. I told him that the stress causes me to crack and I just can't allow that to happen. He reluctantly let me off the hook...but still expected me to train someone. Anyway, within an hour of my final answer Accountant came to see me and told me that he is also leaving the company! He had given his notice two weeks before and plans to work until early June to transition the new person. So, he knew he was leaving when he told me that he would be available to help me out with the purchasing. 

The new Accountant was introduced last week. Owner was up from another Province to interview people and from what I knew he had three or four people lined up for the day. The man they hired is retirement age. Of all the candidates, this one seemed best? He worked for another company for 31 years and watched it grow to something like $84 million in sales. Ok...but why did he leave? Did he retire and decide to re-enter the work force?

I was in administration and was watching New Accountant. He moves like a very old and sore man and from what I could gather he wasn't as computer literate as I would expect someone in his position to be. When I told Bakery Manager my concerns about New Accountant he said maybe he was hired for a reason.

There are problems in Sanitation with one worker simply not doing her job. I've been asked to keep an eye on her as my department is in clear view of wash bay. Not spy on her, just keep an eye out for anything obvious like sneaking out for cigarettes and stuff. Ok. Sure. I brought the concerns to QA and she said it would be dealt with not this week but next week. Huh.

The mood on the production floor today was odd. Administration people holding meetings behind closed doors, not talking to staff, and pages with a firm tone of get to my office now from VPs. I asked Bakery Manager what was going on, why was administration behaving strangely. He told me that 'the information I have I am unable to impart to you'. Hmmmmmm. And that 'it will all come out next week when Owner comes'. His answer freaked me out because in the past I've been told things in confidence and have never been turned away like that.

I have two bad theories on this. The first is that the company is going to enter receivership. We have not had a profit this year and we spent a huge amount of money on equipment. We did the worst sales on record in Jan 2008, and sales were down 50% from that by Jan 2009. We have not recovered from that.

The second theory is that the company is being sold. The shareholders are going to cut their losses and move on.

This is going to be a long week.

And it turns out there was nothing really to worry about :) Just some management shifts but none that really relate to me or my position at all.  

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