09 June 2012


We have a new Purchaser at work...it's the old Shipper. Since I was trained in purchasing I was given the task of training New Purchaser. As the day went on I was trying to figure out why he seemed so familiar but in an uncomfortable way. As Shipper I only had to deal with him in five minute increments about once a day. After some frustrating communication I realized it was because he reminded me of my ex! Here is an example:

Me: I will need 23kg of cereal cream by tomorrow.
Him: Well, it wasn't on the dairy order.
Me: I know, and I still need it. Plant Leader changed the schedule and added two huge caramels. She said she would tell you.
Him: See, there's the problem, communication here doesn't work.
Me: (struggling not to point out he's the source of the problem) And just so you know, it doesn't matter what store you get it from, but you may have to go to a few different stores to get all 23 kilos. And I will be taking all the salted butter out of the cooler for the caramels, so I will need you to bring some extra out of the freezer.
Him: Well if she would leave the schedule alone then this wouldn't be a problem.
Me: (takes deep breath to release stress) I need the cereal cream, will you get it? I will tell the guys in shipping to pull more butter out of the freezer today.
Him: It depends if I have time, I'm really busy you know.

At this point I gave up and left. I stopped in at Plant Leader's office to tell her about the exchange and to ask her to check with him at the end of the day to make sure the cereal cream gets purchased and put in the cooler. She agreed with me that whether or not he thinks he might not have time is irrelevant. If the item is needed then he must find a way to get it. I also told her I would change the way I talk to him in order to improve communication. My plan is to stop him after I ask for something and tell him I need verification that he heard me. He needs to confirm what I asked for, how much I need, and when I need it by. She thought it was a good idea but also said that next time to tell her and she will email him. Apparently he uses the excuse that he wasn't told something and with email there is a paper trail. Just like my ex to completely ignore what I said and talk about something else.

I have also realized that the way somebody expresses themselves may interfere with ever becoming really successful or being heard by the bosses above you. Saying things like "do you got a pen? I seen one somewheres." or "I ain't got no time to do that" or "I can't find none a them anywhere" or "why do I gotta do that?" just makes the speaker appear ignorant. If English is not your first language I can be a bit more forgiving, but not when it's your Mother tongue. 

Thinking of phrases and words, here are some I can live with never hearing again:

Irregardless. If 'regardless' means without regard to something (or damn the consequences) then does 'irregardless' mean without without regard, therefore being a double negative meaning it's a positive? 

Unthaw. Really, this isn't even a word. One coworker told me she was going to unthaw chicken for dinner. I paused and asked if she was going to eat it frozen. She was not amused.

"What do you bring to the table?" A plate. There must be a better way by now of asking what your talents or qualifications are.

"We all wear different hats here" No, I wear one at a time, figuratively and actually. Could we please find another way of saying we all contribute in different ways?

"Going forward we will..." Really? Going forward? Is backward even an option? Does time move differently for you? Yes, I understand that from this point on we will do (whatever) differently. But going forward I will put on my snarky hat and bring it to the table, irregardless of the unthawed chicken.

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Vicki Prinsen said...

hahahaaa i laughed so hard at your description at the end. put on that snarky hat, sister! Chris found you to be hilariously funny, by the way.