15 June 2012


S and I discovered the very best time to see movies is Monday afternoon matinees. There are no little kids in the audience or disrespectful teens, really, it's awesome. This last Monday we saw Prometheus which is a prelude to the movie Alien from 1979. I really enjoyed the movie despite some (ok, many) questions that popped into my head while I watched.

Redlettermedia.com has an excellent recap of most of the questions I had presented in a way I personally found hilarious :) That video is at the bottom of this post. Some other questions I had that weren't answered are:

Why was tobacco allowed on the ship? They are travelling far from home in an artificial environment, why waste precious oxygen on filthy cigarettes? And what about second hand smoke? Killing yourself slowly isn't enough, you need to kill your shipmates too?

Why was alcohol on board? Nothing good can come from alcohol in space. Bad decisions result from too much alcohol and these people need their wits about them to fly the ship and maintain the life support systems. Drunk people are not good at making life and death decisions. Just sayin'.

(I do suspect those two questions can be answered with: because they were featured in the movie Alien. If Prometheus is the prelude to Alien then it makes sense to create a similar environment.)

Why didn't they cast the character of Weyland as an actual older/ancient man? Why use makeup to make someone look old? It didn't work. You can tell it's just makeup because the face was like a mask instead of loose, parchmenty, wiggly skin. There are several older gentlemen actors that would have done well in the role without a lot of makeup.

Why does the surgical pod only have settings for men? Really? REALLY??!?!? Prometheus takes place in 2094 and they have a special pod that performs automated surgery....but only on men? Well f*ck you future. There are women on board the ship, what, they won't need surgery? Maybe the pod was made for Weyland as it was in Ms Vickers' lifeboat...but Ms Vickers is a woman who thought of everything and seemed to trust nobody, why wouldn't she have made sure the pod was equipped to deal with gynecology? Grrrr.

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weenieman said...

i'd forgotten this movie was out - the "alien" cycle was fun - so many people had different theories as to what each was really about - from fears of pregnancy to cancer -etc.