21 August 2012

Arrrrr the Pirate Edition

My favourite download site has been removed :( Demonoid was introduced to me by S when he moved in six years ago and I gradually learned how to use it to find all the movies I wanted to see. Now it's me that downloads all the movies and TV shows for the two of us to watch instead of S. I had become very comfortable with their format and the way the information was organized and presented. Now it's gone. The servers were housed in the Ukraine and are rumored to be confiscated after a worker tipped off the authorities of the location.

File sharing laws are confusing and complex here in Canada. It's fairly cut and dried that uploading copyrighted content (like a book) is illegal, but music is difficult because of the Private Copying exception. This is where you can copy the musical works onto 'recording media' devices...which includes computers. Movies just increase the grey area of the law. What I did manage to figure out is that putting up a copy of a CD onto a distribution site like Demonoid is still legal unless the user is advertising the copy is up and available for download. It's the advertising that makes it illegal, not the uploading/downloading. And I read that the RCMP isn't going to bother with trying to catch personal users for things like movies and music, instead they will focus on the copyright infringement that can cause more damage like medicines and electrical appliances. So in essence, file sharing is ok.

People around me do tell me that I am hurting the movie industry by downloading my movies. Originally I was quite concerned about that. I do love movies so much and don't want them to disappear. Then S said something that made a lot of sense to me. He said he still sees some movies in the theaters, downloading hasn't changed that at all. But the ones he downloads are the same ones that he would see on the movie channels on TV or rent from Blockbuster (before it folded). I realized that holds true to me too. I still go to the theater and do enjoy the whole experience (would still pay extra to have no children in the theater with me) but I still download all the movies that I would watch on Movie Central before. The difference is that I pay for MC (and still do, even with downloads) and don't pay for downloads. 

So how is that hurtful to the movie industry? Are they making less money as a result? My solution to that would be to pay the actors less. Seriously, millions per movie paid to one actor? And the industry puts out ads saying the lighting guy is losing his job to downloads? Uh, redistribute your wealth a little Industry People.
Ok, and I do agree that movie channels pay for the copyright edition so they can circulated it to the masses. But to me it's no different than borrowing my friend's DVD to watch a movie instead of renting it from somewhere that paid the copyright fees. I'm just cheap that way, I guess.


Sheri Weinberg said...

Oh no! Demonoid is gone???? So sad :(

none of your beeswax said...

i have heard isohunt is pretty decent. they have a good commenting system to see what is legit, though it tend to mostly be recent stuff available. they are a canadian site and the american government tried unsuccessfully to take them down a while back.