03 August 2012

"This isn't your dad's pot"

"This isn't your dad's pot" is a phrase I've heard a fair bit over recent years. I knew that pot had become stronger over the years but didn't really think about it too much. I enjoyed a bit of the cannabis as a teenager but stopped when I decided to have kids. I didn't want to raise them in that kind of an environment.

I got my hands on a little bit o' the green stuff recently after more than 20 years away from it. I even bought a pipe as it isn't illegal any more to have paraphernalia. Once upon a time back in the day you weren't even allowed a set of tiny scales or small pipe. Now you can have bongs, hookahs, pipes, papers, scales, vaporizers, and little boxes that cut up your pot (?? like, why dude?). Armed with my fragrant little bud, a pipe, and a lighter, S and I took advantage of a quiet evening at home and sat outside to smoke this stuff up and see what all the buzz was about.

The above chart didn't make sense to me until after the weed took effect. Way back 20 years ago I don't remember ever getting past the 'high' stage. Munchies would grip me after feeling very relaxed and fuzzy. So here I was thinking that when people said ganja was stronger I thought there would be more fuzzy, more giggly, more munchie. I was wrong. While checking the Stoner Chart I thought my arm was made of rubber as it stretched out really strangely with a tiny hand on the end. Or when I was focused on S coming out of the bathroom and thought I could see into a bedroom I didn't know I had in the house. Turned out I was looking at my front entryway/closet out of the corner of my eye.

Hallucinations? Really? On pot? I didn't take in enough to get to the end of the chart and don't plan to, thank you very much. Why would people want to do that? What happened to the good, relaxing joint of yore? 

I used to be pro-legalizing the Mary Jane thinking it was a nice and mild kind of high. Like getting a buzz from a bit of alcohol. I figured if alcohol was legal then pot should be too. After all, herb keeps people calm and out of trouble unlike alcohol, or so I thought. If enough of this Bud is smoked and hallucinations set in then how safe are you around others? Would you be violent or just in a stupor? Now I'm not so sure where I stand on the issue.

Just for fun, here is Louis CK describing (pretty accurately it turns out) the effects of this 'new' grass:

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none of your beeswax said...

yah, it is much stronger. weed is a hallucinogen, and all of the potential effects and potential negatives are not fully known. its hard to get any solid research because the U.S. performs most of the studies and they are already opposed to it so they are not exactly unbiased.