21 September 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

What? You haven't heard of this book? Are you living under a rock?

Before I say anything else I want it to be known that I like the idea that literary porn is out of the closet. Well, my imagined closet anyway. As far as I knew these kinds of books existed in a special section of the bookstore that was never advertised and never had any attention drawn to it. Now I'm seeing this book in the prime display stands at the entrances to bookstores and even other books of a similar nature on the bottom row of the stand (by a different author too, not just the sequels).

I've heard it described as 'Mommy Porn' which is a bit insulting to me. It's not like images are called 'Daddy Porn' so why define the written word as such? And there are men out there reading away the hours of their days. Many men like the Penthouse Letters section of the magazine just as much as the photo layout. And there are many women that like the photo layout of Playgirl as much as the letters. Again, why call the book something as fluffy as Mommy Porn?

While shopping with a friend I found this book in an adult store as well as regular book stores only in this store it was encased in plastic. I asked why and the cashier said it was so that you knew you were getting an unused copy. Ew. But good. I'm not a fan of the subject matter of the book so I asked if there are any other novels of a similar nature but with a different plot line. He said "yes, of course!" So I asked where, looking past him into the store and he replied "well, not here, but other stores must have different books." Oh. So that store carries it because it's popular, and carries a very wide range of adult...um...stuff but no other novels. It's a porn store, why not widen the field and include more novels? And I've been to a few adult stores and none have a good selection of readable porn.

I said I didn't like the subject matter of the Grey series but I have to say I haven't actually read the books. There are a surprising number of people around me that have read them and have told me the basic plot is: Christian Grey is in his late 30s, has everything he could want - wealth, power, good looks, but is missing something in his life. Along comes (teehee) Anastasia. A girl in her early 20s, virginal and pure, that can fill the void within Christian in part by participating in sexual acts including bondage and domination. Whenever someone tells me the basic story I stop them with the comment "I don't really like bondage, I'm not into that at all and would rather not read it." But it's so well written is the general response I get. Um, I don't read books about war or fantasy worlds regardless of how well written they are, I'm not going to read about bondage for the same reason. Adding into it that it is a book designed to excite the reader and I'm definitely not planning on taking a closer look.

It still remains a good thing that this type of book is becoming mainstream though. I see nothing wrong with erotica and have always disliked the shame that seemed to be attached to novels like this. 

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Chantelle said...

It does sort of seem odd that an adult store would carry just this one series and not other books. There's a ton of that kind of book out there - why not sell it at the store where other adult things are sold? People do read, and not just on the interwebs.