05 September 2012

New paint

I finally painted the upstairs this past weekend. By the time I was putting the last coat of paint on the last room I realized I'd bitten off more than I could chew but dammit it's done now.

Last time I painted the living room and hallway I'd done it in Cloud White. Also known as renter's white. Plain. Boring. White. For years I'd been looking at the house and wishing I could paint with some color but my landlord abhors anything darker than beige. It's too difficult to paint over, he says. I think he's unaware of what primer is and how it's used to cover bold colors. I have used color on some of the rooms of the house but was always reluctant to paint the living room or kitchen anything but white or off white.

Then the landlord replaced my cupboards and tiling in the kitchen. The cupboards are white but the tile is taupe. He must have purchased them on sale, this is a man that will find the cheapest of anything and still complain about the cost. I was expecting white tiles as they are the cheapest, but got taupe instead. You know what goes with taupe? Nothing. Certainly not the mellow yellow I'd been planning for the kitchen for some time. 

So after a lot of consideration S and I decided to paint the three upstairs bedrooms Amethyst Cream

The living room is done in a cream called Mascarpone with one wall in Rustique

And the kitchen in this odd shade of grey-green called Silvered Pine (which I think actually goes very well with the taupe tiles)

When I painted the Rustique in the living room I didn't bother to tape off the corner (one corner of the wall is an outside corner, the other an inside corner), thinking that it wouldn't be too hard to just cut in freehand. Now there is a three inch segment of the adjoining wall painted in Rustique as well. I believe that was S's idea to salvage the mess I'd made trying to clean up such a deep color off the white wall. And the dark reddish orange would have bled right through the cream if I'd tried to just paint over the mess.

Every room has Mascarpone for the trim which makes the kitchen look a bit old fashioned, but still soft and pretty. And now I can wait another decade before painting again.

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Chantelle said...

I love the colours you've chosen! I can't wait to see it :)

Love you,