29 September 2012

This autumn has been odd

I have become accustomed to certain things in the fall: crispy leaves, dead plants, cool weather, brown grass. This year things seem a bit off.

First, this is the tree in front of my house:
It's yellow. Yes, I am aware that trees turn yellow in the fall. What's weird is it's usually the last tree on the block to give up its green leaves. Many years the tree has waited until after a snowfall before finally allowing the leaves to disengage themselves from the branches. If you look closely in the bottom right of the picture there is another tree that is still green (it's sitting in front of a pine tree so it may be hard to differentiate). The green leafed tree is usually bare by the time this other tree begins to turn yellow. Odd.

Second is the green grass:
Grass is usually long dead by now. It's the end of September and my grass is still green? WTF Mother Nature? Actually, this is probably a result of the incredible rains we had in the spring. It rained more this year than any other I think, we had rain almost every day for a while. My lawn has never been so healthy and lush. Since the last rainfall near the beginning of the month we've had none at all which also seems odd. I'm used to fall rains but the last two years have shown heavy rain in the spring and the start of summer then desert-like conditions until the snow arrives. 

And third is the fact that my Lily of the Valley still has green leaves:
Big deal? Well, usually by August the leaves have dried up and fallen off. This year they look a bit chewed and are starting to fade in colour but they are still there. Now I know that Lily of the Valley likes huge amounts of water. And what is that red thing on the flower stem? It has berries? Really? Well, one berry anyway.

I wonder if winter will be odd as well. Late snowfall? Snowpocalypse again? Little snowfall? Record cold temperatures (please, no)? Record warm temperatures?

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