13 October 2012

Brain Food

Way back in April of 2011 I attended a meeting at work where I presented my idea for vastly improving our lot code recall system. This idea was a database that would be written to be used in conjunction with their current tailor-made computer program. I was able to explain how the database would work, what data would be stored, who would input data, and what kinds of queries would be used to retrieve the data. This is all with no formal education in computers other than what I've taught myself. The highest level of education I reached was completing grade 12 more than twenty years ago.

Back in December 2011 I asked about my plan for the database and was told it was too expensive to set up so it was shelved indefinitely. Since then two of the four people in attendance at the meeting have left the company as well as Accountant. I suspect my idea got lost somewhere in the shuffle.

I have not given up on my idea and have been turning it over in my mind quite a lot. Mostly trying to figure out a simpler way of having a computerized lot code recall program. After some poking around I found out that the database program MySQL is offered for free on the Internet so I went ahead and downloaded it. Then, having no idea how it worked, bought the Dummies book. My plan is to go through the book and see if I can understand how SQL works and create the database on my own. Originally my plan was to go to a school to learn about creating and managing databases but so far my general anxiety has stopped me from registering. 

Assuming I'm successful in creating the database and a user friendly interface (which means learning PHP as well), I will then present it to my employers as an up and running system. Along with the presentation will be an invoice for my services at double my current hourly rate. I am already keeping track of the time I spend learning SQL so I can have an accurate accounting of my time...all of which will be my own time and not during my normal work day. I am also prepared for my employers to turn me down and reject the whole thing. If that happens I don't think it will be a waste of my time...databases make my brain feel alive so it will be fun to learn anyway. Hopefully learning SQL will be more fun than frustration :)


Sheri Weinberg said...

This is so awesome! I used to love to build databases, but that was in the old days with DB3. I too was self-taught. Don't give up!

Chantelle said...

I love that you're going ahead with this project! Your company is very lucky to have you :)

I'm excited to hear how this goes.

Love you,

Frances said...

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