15 November 2012

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Well, I just finished playing my first ever game that involves movement. I've played many games from Big Fish that involve hunting for stuff or collecting items to complete a sequence or puzzle but never one that I've had to move a character (avatar?) around. First person? Whatever. It involved me learning that W=walk forward, A=move sideways to the left, S=move backwards, and D=move to the right. Oh, and Q and E sort of tilted my head to peek around corners. I learned that Shift was for running and Space Bar for jumping. I got stuck a lot until I remembered I could jump.

I was attracted to Amnesia because it involved no killing or dealing with weapons or anything, or even dealing with other players. Really, I had a hard enough time remembering how to move forward :)

Amnesia is creepy and scary because you have no power in the game at all. When a monster sees you it will kill you. Luckily when you die you just go back to the last safe point and continue on. You can hide from monsters by crouching in the dark, in a room, or in a cupboard and they eventually go away. You cannot fight back, you have no weapons. It is recommended that you play the game in the dark with headphones on...yeah right! It was scary enough in broad daylight thank you very much.

The biggest puzzle was that darkness is your friend and your enemy at the same time. You need to hide in the darkness to get away from monsters but you need light or you will go insane. But if you use all your lantern oil and tinderboxes you have no light for when you need it most, so you need to conserve your resources at the same time as use them to avoid the crazies. It's weird too, when you start going crazy the scenery warbles and moves like it's breathing or something, then you start to panic and can hear your own panting for breath. If you let it go the actual layout changes (I'm pretty sure). There was one hallway where I swore there was another doorway but couldn't find it to save my life.  When I lit a torch suddenly the layout reverted back to what I remembered and found the doorway with ease. When insanity sets in you can't run at all, you collapse, and the monsters can find you easier. So stay in the light. Except the light attracts monsters. So, you know, stick to some darkness.

I would definitely play a similar game again...if only I could figure out what game that would be.

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Chantelle said...

That game sounds awesome! I've never played a game like that before, either. Where did you get it?