17 November 2012

Movies, movies, movies

While I should probably be spending my time learning SQL or interacting with people, instead I have found myself sitting in front of my computer watching some movies.

Today I finally saw The Princess Bride from back when actors didn't whiten their teeth. The movie was actually better than I thought it would be and kept me amused. The princess needs rescuing as usual and is rescued as usual. I would love to see a movie where the princess isn't some soft woman whose identity is tied to her man. Anyone know of any? Brave comes close, closer than many others I've seen and I like that. 

Brave was very good with absolutely fantastic animation. Pixar does a superb job, far better than anything Dreamworks has ever done. Anyone else notice the characters in all Dreamworks animations have the same facial expressions? Pixar somehow makes them more realistic. Brave was a good story about a young, defiant princess that needs to learn how to really hear what her mother has to say...and the mother needs to really hear what her daughter has to say. Well done, I thought.

I tried to watch Cast Away...I really did. I wanted to see it so much when it came out but didn't. But my heart broke at the idea of him being all alone (and the dental work...ewww) that I ended up fast forwarding through a fair bit of it. Tom Hanks did a good job though, I thought.

And Soylent Green...wow that one is old. I actually sat through it and cringed at the women's soft voices and generally pliant nature. What I found hilarious was that this movie was DRAMATIC like it should have been performed on a stage. Every movement from Charlton Heston screams "I. AM. ACTING." Performances are much more natural now...thankfully.

Artificial Intelligence: AI was another one I'd wanted to see back when it first came out but didn't. I'm glad I didn't waste money on it. The mother overacts just like Charlton Heston. The movie takes place in the future and it is amusing to watch more than a decade after its release. The future they envisioned had fancy cars as usual. Vehicles always are made to be so different than what we have at the time of filming but other things are left out completely. Like GPS. At one point the child AI steals a police helicopter/submergable and is never tracked down. GPS was fully functional in the mid '90's and AI was filmed in '00 or '01. Why would the police allow that to happen? Cell phones were also available at the time of filming but completely omitted from the movie. It's hard to predict the future in a movie, I know. The movie itself wasn't bad but the general plot line of having a child AI (what a nightmare: a child that never grows up) be bonded to a parent regardless of how the parent treats the child. I mean, the mom just left him in the forest with a talking teddy bear (inspiration for the movie Ted I wonder?) like he was a piece of garbage, and he still wanted to change and be someone she could really love. "Please treat me like trash and I will endeavor to change to be more lovable" would have been a good tagline for this movie.

A future movie I would have been aching to see is Jack Reacher based on Lee Child's books. I LOVE these books and would have seen this movie almost no matter what...except they made Tom Cruise act the part of Jack Reacher. I mean, first off, the books refer to the character as Reacher, never Jack Reacher, and he's an ex-army man that becomes a drifter helping where help is needed. He's a head and shoulders above the average man, hardened by his army brat childhood and Military Police career. A man that travels with only the clothes on his back and a toothbrush. And they cast Tom Cruise? A short pretty-boy actor? What they needed was a young Clint Eastwood. I will not see this movie :(

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Chantelle said...

We thought that AI was too long and should have ended at the ferris wheel. It was kind of a silly story, wasn't it? If I remember rightly, it was a Spielberg movie and he focuses more on children than technology.