29 December 2012

Why does it feel like we are going backwards?

I am starting to get frustrated that the world has not caught up to me in my thinking of equality. For a very long time I would just shrug off people when they exhibited signs of superiority in regards to their religion, race, or gender. But I'm finding as I get older that it is increasingly difficult to put up with some attitudes that prevail today, and am getting impatient that massive change in thinking hasn't happened already.

I saw this photo on Failblog
and as funny as it is as a 'fail' it also sucks that manufacturers are making gender specific laptops, and a lesser version for girls at that. Why aren't the laptops made in different colors and include stickers or something to personalize your toy after purchase? Maybe a boy would like a unicorn sticker and a girl like a construction scene on hers. Why is the girl's laptop screen smaller? Why are there fewer functions on the girl's laptop?

What also chapped my nads was going into my local Walmart to check out the puzzles in the toy department. Passing by the Lego section was a sign that said something like: look for girl's Lego in the girl's section! Why isn't the "girl's" Lego in the Lego section? Why is it packaged in pink? Why is the toy less complex than other Lego sets? Why not just sell miscellaneous Lego sets with pink bricks included? Maybe some boys would like to build a pink castle. I had always considered Lego to be mostly equal as there are little Lego females and males. These new sets for girls are a step in the wrong direction, in my opinion.

What are we teaching our children? That girls are less than boys? Haven't we gotten past that thinking yet?

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none of your beeswax said...

yeah, that boil my blood too. there is a gender neutral toy store in London, but i don't know if the idea will take off.