29 January 2013

You know what I miss?


At work we have a new Safety Committee that points out problems and creates solutions. Good idea, but when something is unsafe and in need of correction the excuse of "some people just don't listen" doesn't really fly with me. If they aren't listening then they need discipline in my eyes. Little infractions are starting to become normal as well. One person had a stud earring in her ear the other day and we don't allow jewelry at all. Another one was wearing perfume which we also don't allow. Management's solution is to tell them to stop it...and nothing else. If there are no consequences then how do you expect people to follow rules?

This is happening in schools as well. A friend's son was in the apprenticeship program at his high school. He and his parents were told that if he skips class he will be pulled out of the program. As it happens he was skipping entire days and was still not removed from the program until his parents pulled him out. What did that teach the boy? Maybe that threats are empty?

What does our future hold if people aren't being held accountable? Sigh.

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