23 April 2013

Quadrant one is done

Well, I finished the first quadrant of the puzzle in just over four weeks! Since it is bagged in quadrants it's just easier to complete the puzzle that way. I also don't have to find a huge working area to get it done. The tabletop fits four foam core boards (each 20" x 30") taped together to make a bigger surface area. Now that one quadrant is done I will put a layer of thin packing foam on top, then put the next portion of foam core boards right on top. Once I'm done all four quadrants I will clear my living room a bit and lay the quadrants side by side. This way I can 'knit' the quadrants together and glue the whole thing all at once.
One sad note: I am missing one piece already :( It is a piece in the sky and I'm hoping it just somehow got mixed up when the quadrants were bagged. It's close enough to the edge for that to have happened, but I still wonder if I wasn't careful enough when sorting all the pieces. The quadrant it is most likely in will be the last quadrant I complete because it looks the easiest. For now, I'm sick of looking at elephants and will get started on the bottom right corner. Hopefully with no more missing pieces.

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