07 May 2013


This spring has been ucky. Just...ucky. April was one of the coldest Aprils on record for our city. In fact, this is what it looked like less than a month ago:
And then yesterday we set the record for highest temperatures for 06 May - it reached 31 C out there. Yes, it was a massive change and difficult to adjust to. 

On the weekend I started clearing out the flower beds to get ready for some planting and found a hyacinth! Actually, three of them trying to grow in the front garden :) They look a bit like the runts of the litters, they are small and only have a couple of blossoms. Last year they didn't even bloom and I'd given up on them. I even created a new garden in the back yard with many more new bulbs purchased at a greenhouse. Those ones didn't come up very well last year and I wonder if I used the wrong kind of soil in that new garden. Or it could also be dog pee seeping into the dirt from my neighbour. Either way, it turns out I do actually have some hyacinth blooms. Yay :)

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Pretty :)