20 June 2013

Back alley - done

And here's my back alley done (I think). With a puddle in the middle - lol. I am a bit disappointed by the amount of garbage left behind by the construction crew. Today I picked up two cigarette packs, two Timmies cups, two teabags from Tim Horton's, several bits of plastic that resembled the netting placed under the tarmac, a chunk of metal I didn't recognize, a banana peel, saw an orange peel farther down the road but left it, and cookie wrappers. We did have some big winds so maybe some of this stuff is a result of that. Hopefully. I really would like to believe the construction people aren't so messy.


Chantelle said...

I hope the mess was from the wind, too. Construction workers can be messy and not so detail-oriented when it comes to cleaning up.

I love your list of stuff left behind :)

Love you,

Margaret said...

how ironic that after all that fuss there remains a puddle!
Aunt Margaret