01 June 2013

Yard Stuff

It's that time of year again when I pay more attention to my yard. This year the dandelions have completely taken over the back yard and the portion of grass next to my grass driveway. I have had both of my boys spray the dandelions with weed control but it has had little effect. The sheer amount of poison I need is ridiculous. So now I'm considering having a lawn maintenance company come by and spray for dandelions as it will probably be cheaper than buying the stuff myself. If I can get rid of most of them then I can dig them out as they appear in the future. Hopefully. One thing I did was have J go out in the yard and suck up all the dandelion fluffs with the shopvac before I cut the grass yesterday. I took a mini video but he doesn't know I filmed him so I don't feel right about posting it here. But imagine, if you will, a sixteen year old in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt aiming the shopvac hose at each dandelion fluffy head. Just the image of him with the vacuum trailing after him gives me the giggles :) Kind of cruel to make him do it as he's allergic to dandelions...but he did want to earn some money...

In other yard news, someday I hope to have a sidewalk in the back that doesn't need mowing. It was supposed to be a project for me this year to rip out the old sidewalk and lay some nice blocks or something. It might still get done, it's early in the year.

And my hyacinths are up in the back as well as the front! I planted these in the fall of 2011 hoping they'd come up in spring of 2012 but they didn't. I had thought I bought a bunch of dud bulbs or something, but no, instead they just needed to rest in the ground for a year. Only a couple bloomed so maybe next year even more will bloom.

Remember I bought a lilac bush last spring? Well, I did :) And this year the flowers look like the picture on the side of the container: purple with white edges. I've never seen lilacs like this which is why I just had to have it in my yard :)

My swing keeps blowing away in the wind so I found a new use for my kettlebells:

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