22 August 2013

Puzzle is done!

Quadrant four is done!! That means the whole puzzle has been completed - yay! This section took me twice as long as the others because I didn't find the missing piece from the first section in this quadrant's bag and that discouraged me from getting it done. S says the missing piece is a good representation of how I look at life: instead of seeing the big picture or great accomplishments, I focus on the one tiny mistake I may or may not have made and beat myself up about it. I'm pretty sure I vacuumed the piece up :(

Now I'll contact Ravensburger and find out if they can do anything for me, maybe print me a new piece or send me a full quadrant bag. If they do then I'll glue it together and take it back to the shop to have it auctioned off. If they won't, then I don't know. Put it back in the bags I guess.

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