11 September 2013

Grumbling Tidbits

  • We have two new accountants at work and they have screwed up my paycheque almost every time. After finding out that many people were having problems (like overtime not paid, overtime paid as straight time, vacation days/sick days not paid, hours not tallied correctly) I called the union to file a grievance. Next there was a meeting with me, some co-workers, the VP, both accountants, and the General Manager where we were assured the problem would be fixed. The next paycheque of mine had the wrong rate of pay so they owe me money. Again.
  • My child support payment didn't show up on the first of the month. Not too uncommon when the first working day is a holiday (Labour day this time) but when it didn't come in by Thursday I called Maintenance Enforcement. The phone line was so backed up that I couldn't even get in the queue so I tried again Friday and held for a half hour. I thought maybe there was a problem with their computers or something because my ex hasn't missed a payment in eight years. Nope. He didn't pay. Maintenance said as soon as the payment is made they will credit my account but they will wait a month before starting collection procedures.
  • The toilet in the basement was leaking so I called my plumber out to fix it. Not an easy fix as the tank needed to come off and the bolts were calcified on. So we just turned the water off to that toilet while deciding what to do. My landlord called to tell me he is coming by soon for his annual visit so I told him about the toilet. He called his plumber, who has pneumonia, who will be calling me soon about setting a date to replace it. Well. This plumber replaced the water tank and just left it in the yard even though he was supposed to take it with him. And, if he has pneumonia he is going to want help lugging the old toilet up the basement stairs...or he'll just leave it in the basement. Nope. Not happening. I went to Home Depot, bought a toilet and all the fixings, called a handyman that I know, and the toilet is being installed as I type. When I call my landlord I will expect him to bitch and complain about it as usual.
  • The other night I was lying awake in bed (fuming about the toilet situation) when I overheard a conversation outside my bedroom window. They were discussing a robbery! I don't know if they were going to rob me or one of my neighbours but talking about it on my front lawn was stupid. I opened the curtain and told them to get the fuck off my lawn. They startled and ran off, I looked out my back door and saw them on my neighbour's lawn. One said he lived there, I said "No you don't!", and heard someone whisper-yelling "Get in the car!" so I said "yeah, get in the car!" and watched them drive off. S called the police, they did a driveby with the searchlights on but by then the robbers were gone.
  • We have the best receptionist ever at work. She loves her job, dresses well, enjoys the constant interruptions of customers, she eats healthy, doesn't smoke, exercises often...and has just found out she has lung cancer. It's stage one and treatable, so we are told. She won't be coming back to work and because of staffing shortages her treatment won't begin for a month. I don't have a lot of hope that she will survive very long and I hate that.

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