26 October 2013

The moving of the puzzle

A few Sundays ago S and I managed to get the puzzle back to the store for the refund. On the Saturday before I got it ready, this is how:
First I taped waxed paper strips
together to form a sheet. One for each
Then I got all the quadrants in the
right places, on top of the waxed
sheets, on my kitchen floor.
This is the puzzle knitted together as one big
puzzle. The picture isn't great because I had
to stand on my counter and hold the phone
up to the ceiling to take it.
Then I spent about three hours crawling around on the kitchen floor on top of the puzzle spreading the glue. The best moment I had was finding out the sponge cap came off so I could just pour the glue on and spread it around with a sponge paintbrush. I did two coats and it was exhausting. I thought my knees would bother me from all the crawling but I felt fine for the moment. Once S got home from work we went out to dinner to give the puzzle more drying time. Then we created a backing to carry the puzzle.

We took the remaining foam core
boards and taped them together. Then we
took the extra five boards and
taped them to the back as cross braces.
 After the backing was done and laid out on the living room floor, we picked up the dried puzzle and semi-dragged it back to the living room. The puzzle wasn't nearly as rigid as I thought it would be, instead it was very bendy. We ended up carrying it like a hammock to get it into the living room afraid that it would break apart at any time. Once it was on the backing I created a pocket using the foam padding I had available. This was so we could hold the puzzle upright and not have it slide off the backing.

Here it is in the back of the Uhaul truck,
you can see the pocket on the right.
Then I very carefully drove the truck over to the puzzle store with S following behind in his car. We figured that would be easiest because then we could go directly back to the Uhaul place and return the truck, which we did. I was told there would be help available to get the puzzle into the store, but there wasn't. So S and I hauled in in ourselves and dropped it on a pool table as it was the largest available surface. We discovered during all of this that the puzzle was amazingly heavy and awkward. The lady at the store oohed and aahed over the puzzle and then wondered what to do with it. She refunded my money as promised and I suggested that if they didn't want to auction it off they could donate it to the local children's hospital. The animals are a pleasing picture for kids to look at and they can marvel over the thousands of pieces.

The next day I went to work as usual but realized pretty quickly I should have called in sick. Within five minutes I twisted my bad knee the wrong way and could barely walk. All the crawling around and lifting over the weekend had weakened my knees (and back, and arms, and legs, and neck) and I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. Five years ago I could have done all this with no problem but now I see that I have physical limitations. Not only did I manage to hurt myself with all the physical work of preparing and moving the puzzle, but I also took longer to recover from the hurt than I would have in the past. It wasn't until that Friday that I finally felt more like myself. I suspect that if I'd taken the Monday off work I would have recovered faster. Live and learn I guess.


none of your beeswax said...

wow that looks amazing! i understand your pain, and i can see that taking a day off would have helped. i have been icing my knees after anything strenuous, and taking Naproxen when it gets too bad.


Chantelle said...

Wow the puzzle was awesome! Clearly you found the glue you were looking for, which I'd have known if I'd read this earlier :)

I'm sorry to hear that your knees are bothering you so much. Icing your knees after doing strenuous work sounds like a good idea. Do you have a painkiller for the arthritis pain? I take Celebrex and it seems to help a bit but I know that not everyone wants to take painkillers.

Love you,