25 October 2013

Yard stuff

I had a huge burst of energy today so I got a bunch of yard work done. The sweet peas had long since died on the fence but I'd been ignoring them in favour of doing things like watching tv and playing Candy Crush Saga. Today, with the help of coffee, I managed to get them all off the fence and bundled into a bag. Actually, I was going to burn them in the fire pit but found they created waaaay too much smoke. So I put it out and stuffed them into a large garbage bag.

While I was out there I also took care of some things I'd left for a while. The hose was disconnected from the house so I rolled it up and put it away. J had brought out camping chairs for his friends over the summer and left them in the yard. Those got brought in finally. I had just enough gas in the lawn mower to run it one last time, so I did. This effectively took care of all the leaves all over the yard as well. At some point I'd knocked the oil cap loose so near the end there was oil burping out all over the deck. Since I was almost done I just tightened the cap and continued on. The motor did smell a bit overheated but not smoking or anything. I was going to take it in to the small engine repair shop nearby for service in the spring but instead I think I'll do it in the next few weeks. That way it will have a nice, sharp blade for the first cutting of the year. And fresh oil, of course.

I wanted to get the gardens weeded on last time but I remember how much my knees hurt the last time I did the lawn and weeding on the same day, so I skipped it. The ground is getting too hard now to weed I think. The permafrost is coming up and freezing the ground so getting weeds out is extra difficult at this time of year. Which is too bad, all the pesky dandelions are reddish compared to my greenish-yellow lawn. This makes them very easy to spot for weeding. But I have too much lawn to bother, and I only rent. If I owned the house I think I'd care a bit more about them.

Now my yard is ready for winter, and just in time. I hear there is supposed to be rain this weekend and that can easily turn to snow. Sigh. Such short summers.

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