07 March 2014


Here are three phrases that I think need to be removed from my tv universe. I love my tv shows and development of characters, but the following phrases really piss me off.

1. "have to". As in, "you have to understand", or "you have to listen to me". No. No I don't. Why don't I? Because I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. I can choose every single thing I do from paying rent to eating. What I understand completely is that if I don't do something like paying rent I will soon have nowhere to live. Everything comes with consequences and everything is a choice. Being forced to listen to someone simply because that person says I have to just makes me want to hit the mute button or walk away from the person. Maybe use a different phrase like "please listen" or "I just want to explain" or "can I help you understand?". Have to just sounds controlling to me.

2. "the perfect". As in, "we need to find the perfect location" or "you will find the perfect gift" or "we will have the perfect vacation" or "I will make the perfect meal". Somehow this gives me the idea that anything less than perfection will simply not be tolerated. Are people really looking for flawless events or gifts? Can't people accept that there will be flaws or problems with the gift, wedding, clothes, meal, or whatever? How about phrases like "we will find the gift that's just right" or "I will make a tasty meal" or "our vacation will be great". Perfect is just too hard to live up to or come by.

3. "make you". As in, "I need to make you understand" or "he will make you cry" or "I will make you happy". Nobody can make another person feel something. This would imply the person has control over your emotions and they really don't. You are in charge of you and while someone else might know your buttons it is ultimately up to you to decide how to feel. Alternate phrases might be "I really want you to understand" or "you cry when you are with him" or "I hope you find happiness with me".


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