18 May 2014


My younger sister got married this weekend and while S and I were invited we didn't go. Mostly because the wedding was in a different country and neither of us are confident travelers, but also because of the expense. So instead I did what I normally do during the May long weekend - planted the garden.

I bought seeds for my brain flowers (actually called celosia cristata, or cockscomb) and they were tiny. Teeny tiny. Like poppy seeds. I had to buy them online because I couldn't find them in my city and when I received them they were in little ziploc bags. The only labeling was the product number and something written in Korean (...or maybe Vietnamese), so I honestly don't know if they are the right seeds or not. We'll find out soon enough.

In order to plant them I had to make my own seed tape, they were just too small otherwise. I tried the method described here but found it to be too painstaking. Instead I took the toilet paper and separated the two plies. I took one ply and laid it on the counter. Above it I created a fingertip river of the cornstarch/water mix and used a toothpick to move a pile of seeds into the river. They were really easy to manipulate once the seeds were floating in the water. Then I took the toilet paper and laid it over the river and pressed down gently. This glued the seeds to the paper. I gently flipped over the now-glued seedy toilet paper and pressed the second ply to the first...and made seed tape! The picture shows the first method of dropping a bit of cornstarch/water and then the seed, but you get the idea.

Once the seed tape was made I planted them all on the outside of my chain link fence, hoping for a nice border of braaaiiins. 

Right under the fence I planted hyacinth bean, or Ruby Moon. These seeds I purchased a few years ago so I really don't know if they will grow or not. I ran out of seeds before I could get the whole fence covered and I could not find more seeds anywhere. So instead I will be planting sweet peas in the last third of the fence. The seeds are soaking now and will be in the ground tomorrow.

I also found my olive tree! I love these trees, they have  a soft and delicious pollen scent in June that reminds me of everything good about summer. The tree looks like a shrub right now but will grow to be about 13 feet tall. Maybe I'll be living in this house then, maybe not. But I'll enjoy it while I'm here :) 

Remember in the fall I covered my Morden Sunrises with burlap? Well, one survived and is growing nicely (possibly with a little offshoot next to it), the other died. I'm not sure if the one died because it was in a poorly drained part of my yard and drowned/froze or if it was because I propped the burlap up with sticks around the bush. The one that lived I simply wrapped the bush in burlap with no propping. Either way, I have one that should bloom this summer :)

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Chantelle said...

Your seed tape method sounds way better than the other one! Congratulations on figuring it out. I can't wait to see pictures of your braaiiinnnsss :)

I'm sorry your roses didn't all make it. They sound so persnickety - but their beauty is worth it! I can't place the olive smell right now but if I smelled it I think I would recognize it.

I wish you'd have been able to come to the wedding but I understand why you didn't. Traveling is hard and expensive.

Love you so much,