30 July 2014


  • S and I bought a new couch...and it's white. Never in my wildest dreams would I have bought a white couch, but it is really comfortable and my boys are adults (just about) so no 'little child stains' any more. We had it treated with the Fabric Care option - this generation's Scotch Guard - as it will repel all fluids including body fluids of all types, drinks, foods, and ink. My problem with it is that I received the couch today and found out it hasn't been treated yet. I just assumed it would be done at the place where I purchased it, but no, I will get a call within 5 days for them to make an appointment to come to my house and treat the sofa. Apparently it's done by an outside company. Now I have to keep my WHITE SOFA clean until they treat it. I washed some sheets and covered it right after I took the (craptastic) photo.
  • In addition to a new sofa, we also invested in a chairs and cheapie desks for writing. S made room in his den for me right in front of the window :) His chair is a normal office chair...mine is fabulous :) Just look at it. The only thing that would make it better is if it was a polka dot pattern. J saw me sitting in it and said it looked ridiculous as it is a short chair, I am a short woman, and my feet still don't touch the floor. I have used it already for writing and like it. We figured it would be easier to have a dedicated space for writing, and it is.
  • I posted some stuff on Kijiji and so far have had the usual irritating response of someone interested in the item but wants to look at it this evening. No problem...except I've had four or more interested responses after I agreed to let the woman come in the evening. Now the original interested woman wants to come even later in the evening. I told her no but dammit I hate that I forget to tell people 'yes, come by this evening but text first as it may not be available by then'. 
  • There are only 635 levels to Candy Crush. I can't believe I've played to the end. There is a Dreamworld (?) section that I can still play but it's not as fun. When I run out of levels in there I hope there are more regular levels so I have something to do on my break at work. And for all the time I should be writing - lol. 
  • For the first time since I started this job 9 years ago, we have a summer shutdown. So now I'm off work until next week (total 12 days off - woot). I thought I'd spend more time writing, but I'm using a lot of the time cleaning my house. Ok, and playing Candy Crush. 
  • I've also been looking at jobs again. I was passed over for a promotion I think I deserved and I realized that I simply will never be anything more than what I am at work. In a way it's fine, the Big Boss is not someone I want to work closely with and the person she promoted over me is more eager to just go along to get along, and that's not me. There's a big part of me that never wants to return after shutdown, but I know I will.
  • My garden is not growing well :( The hyacinth beans are small and stunted, so are the sweet peas I planted when I ran out of bean seeds. And the brain flowers didn't even come up :( I think I have the wrong kind of dirt so in the fall or spring I will scoop it all out and put in good, rich, black dirt. Maybe I'll even try to germinate the brain flower seeds indoors first. And buy them from a reputable company instead of Amazon.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

the couch looks lovely! and i do love your chair. :)