30 October 2014

My Tastebuds

Just a quick note here to point out something odd about not going to work for two and a half weeks...my taste buds are different. 

What? You ask. I know, weird right?

Every day I would take two 15 minute breaks, on these breaks I would eat. The first one was breakfast and would sometimes be cereal or whatever was left over from dinner the day before. The second break was the same thing for over a year (or two, maybe three): one banana, one pudding, and two Mott's Fruitsations applesauces. 

Here's the thing: I tried eating the applesauce at home the other day and it was sweet. Like too sweet. And the pudding was way too thick on my tongue and way too sweet. J chose a strawberry cheesecake from Safeway so I had a bit this morning and it was...sweet. Like, hurt-my-tongue sweet. I've always liked sweet stuff before, so this is odd.

Also, I warmed up leftover spaghetti for my breakfast this week and it tasted like...microwave. I would have had no problem eating this at work but for some reason the food in the container tasted less like spaghetti and more like microwaved container of cardboard with sauce. 

I just don't get it. Maybe because I'm not inhaling powdered sugars all day? Weird.

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