28 October 2014

Winter is coming

Well, here it is, that time of the year again where I forget that I live so far north and am surprised by the cold.

This fall has been so warm, so beautifully softly warm. I would go outside and feel the hot air on my skin and smell the rot of leaves and apples. Even though temperatures were reaching 20 C it wasn't overly hot. The sun is also lower in the sky now which makes everything look brighter because the shadows are longer, if that makes sense. It was a joy to watch the leaves change colour slowly, and the trees shed lazily. It felt like the hours were made of warm taffy.

And then it snowed. The snow didn't stay, it was gone by the end of the day. Mostly. This morning though, this morning was a killing frost. The lawn feels like needles embedded in rock. The sun is just an illusion of warmth brightening up the day. I went outside to pull the snow shovels out of the shed and was surprised at how the wind bit at me. 

So far all of my plants have lost their leaves, except the large lilac. The leaves are all frozen to the stems and don't flutter in the wind at all. I expect that by the end of the day the leaves will turn dark green and fall off. Oddly, when my Morden Sunrise still had green leaves it froze to death over the winter, but the large lilac will not. Or at least, it hasn't in the past. 

Thinking of my Morden, I went out and covered it this morning. It still had some of its leaves but they weren't pretty yellow like the Ruby bush behind it. I'm hoping that wrapping the Morden in burlap again will help it through the winter. Maybe next year it will be big enough to survive without help, it is bred for Canadian winters.

I am starting to understand why older people say they can't tolerate the cold any more. It seems like winters are so long now, but I don't think they are any worse than they were ten years ago. I can see the allure of owning a summer home and a winter home in a warm climate.

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