02 November 2014


I've been off work for a while now...almost three weeks. As much as this is a dream come true to just sit around on my butt and watch cat videos, I really am bored much of the time. Once I've done my exercises and searched job listings I find I have a lot of time left over in the day. So I came up with this brilliant idea that I would write something every day that I'm at home. 

Being a writer is something I have spent many hours romanticizing. Accolades from readers, top ten bestsellers, heaps of cash. The problem I keep running into is that in order to be a writer, I must first write a book.

I do have a book on the go and am about 50 pages in but I'm also stuck. I'm not sure I like the direction it's going and I don't really want to start over. Instead of dealing with it I've been cheating on my book with other little bits of fiction. Just some random scenes or a paragraph here and there about new plots for new books. Nothing serious, but cheating nonetheless. 

One useful page I found was Yeah Write on Tumblr. I like writing prompts because I don't necessarily have to write a complete book, I just need to flesh out an idea. Funny thing here is that I signed up for Tumblr over a year ago in order to post my submission for a prompt. I mostly forgot about it and really did think it was not a full year ago. I stumbled on it the other day and wrote another scene suggested by a prompt. With any luck I'll keep doing this when I'm not writing my main book. The more I write the better I get, right?

My Tumblr blog is: Tumblinbean if anyone is curious. When I signed up a year ago I didn't have a clue what I was doing and I still don't - lol. I think I didn't tag stuff properly but I'll do better in the future. Probably.

Oh, and writing blog posts is still writing :)

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Chantelle said...

I'm oldladybaby on tumblr (although all I do is follow people). Your writing is amazing! You're so talented - I'm jealous.

I also have most of my days available and I find that I'm rather in love with pinterest - I'm ca2james there.

I love you,