27 November 2014

Wonder Woman Pose

I was surfing along the Internet when I came across a life hack to give you more confidence. For the life of me I can't remember where I first saw it, but it is the Wonder Woman Pose.

Stand with your feet apart, hands on hips, pelvis aligned properly under the ribs, shoulders down and back, gaze directly forward. Stand like this for two minutes a day to increase testosterone, which increases confidence and reduces stress and anxiety. I tried this and it actually worked!

A secondary benefit was my neck didn't hurt nearly as much as it has been lately. More and more I've been noticing I'm not as easily able to do a shoulder check in the car because of neck stiffness. It was getting so that I was thinking a doctor's visit was in order, but doing this Wonder Woman pose seems to have helped a lot. Also, my back doesn't hurt nearly as much...especially since I'm getting lazy with my physio exercises.

To quote Madonna: strike a pose, there's nothing to it.


manchester fat acceptance said...

good advice on the posture. i've done this before job interviews to give myself some confidence. i dunno if it works but it's worth trying.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Aunt Margaret