09 December 2014


Well, I got a new job. I'll be starting at a computer store on 22 Dec in the RMA department. This is the department that handles faulty computer parts and tries to get either a repair, replacement, or money for the part. S also works at the same company doing the same thing in a different store. As much as I love him I don't want to work in the same store, y'know? So I suppose I should formally quit my current job. I will. Really I will. Soon. 

My disability ended over a week ago but nobody from work has contacted me at all regarding my return. When I was approved for disability an email was sent to me and cc'd to the accountant and the insurance parent company. So I know at least the accountant knows my projected return date was a week ago yesterday. Actually, nobody from work has contacted me at all about anything. Nine years I worked there and I feel like nobody cares enough to find out what's going on. That's sad to me. 

I was feeling very good about myself so I stepped on the scale - a rare occurrence these days. Funny thing is that I've gained 5 -10 pounds since the last time I remember being on the scale...but I feel better. I don't feel so lumpy and fat all the time (well, some days I do) and my clothes don't pinch and standing in front of the mirror I look smaller. It was kind of a weird experience for me. Maybe because of the physio exercises? Ok, I stopped doing those. Yes, I know I should keep on with them, but moving on. Maybe because my posture is better? Maybe because I don't hurt all the time?

I want to keep writing my book but I lack the motivation to do it. I don't know why or where its gone.

T is almost done his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. He even has a job to go to in January, which is uber cool. He's worked there before so he knows the people and the routine. It's weird having an adult child. Edit: T has his diploma now and if he continues with another two years he'll have his BAIST (Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology)

Two adult children now. J is 18 now and has finally got some treatment for his anxiety. He is on the same stuff my mom was - Seroquel - which makes me a bit uncomfortable. Of course, she was taking somewhere around 800 mg a day or something. Huge doses on purpose, she found she could 'fuzz out' her day by taking more, so she did. I told J about that in hopes he doesn't follow the same path.

We have coyotes in the area now. One in particular hangs around my alley and my neighbour across the street. It has been checking out the fallen apples on the tree across my back yard and people's garbage. It's bold enough to come right up to back doors also. This explains why I have had garbage bags with tears in them (I thought it was the magpies) and why the neighbourhood cats are scarce these days. And the jackrabbits, I don't see them much any more. I hope it's not feasting on the cats, I like the cats. Anyway, my city has a policy to live peacefully alongside them, they are called Urban Coyotes. We tried killing them but people objected and the coyote population grew as a result, we tried relocating them but that didn't work, so now we apparently respect each other. Some have RFID tags on the collar, some don't. Mine doesn't. The city likes us to report them (and will deal with aggressive ones) more for tracking than anything else.
Majestic coyote leaving a gift 15 feet from my yard


manchester fat acceptance said...

congrats on the job! and love the coyote pic lol


Chantelle said...

Congratulations on your new job!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super-excited for you. When do you start?

I'm sad that the company didn't contact you at all while you were gone :(

I also love your coyote pic :)

Love you,