28 February 2015


Yep, I'm unemployed again. I got fired yesterday. I was told that I have an excellent work ethic - my boss said he's never seen anyone work like I do. But he let me go anyway because according to him I don't fit in and I have a bad attitude.

The not fitting in part hurt a lot. I don't feel like I fit in anywhere and to have it pointed out was just awful, but true. The people I was working with were mostly young guys who all played video games like League of Legends and card games like Magic the Gathering. I had nothing in common with them and it was difficult making small talk to build up a rapport. 

As for the attitude...yeah that was true too. From the second interview I had with the company I had a bad attitude. I expected the managers to make changes, or at the very least, be aware of what was going on with my partner not doing her job. They didn't like it when I pointed out her mistakes so I stopped mentioning them and just corrected them. I had a meeting with the managers that had gone very badly where I accused them of being lazy and uncaring. While I stand by what I said I know it was wrong to point it out. But what's really awful about my bad attitude is that no manager pulled me aside to talk to me about it. Not ever. So I guess I'm just not worth the effort to them.

And my former partner will no doubt be with the company for years to come. She is a toxic person who had the managers wrapped around her little finger. Somehow she has them convinced that she works really hard, which just astounds me.

Even though I feel horribly hurt about being fired, I was planning on leaving anyway. Every lunch hour I would check job postings on my phone. My solution was to stay at the job long enough to look good on a resume, or quit as soon as I found a better job. Getting fired just makes me a bit less picky about applying for jobs.

Now if you'll excuse me, there are several job websites I need to visit.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

sorry to hear you're back to looking for a new job. i am sure you'll find something better suited to your talents though.