27 March 2015


Ahhh maturity. For many people this means when they have a child, or get a full time job, or realize that in order to get what you want (clean dishes) you have to do something you don't want (wash dishes). While I've always felt mature (and oddly naive at the same time) I recently realized that maturity snuck up on me without me noticing. 

I was looking at dream homes the other day - it seems to be the season for them. All these homes and vacations and cars to be won by some lucky devil. For decades I would go to show homes or buy tickets to win homes and now I get junk mail from the charities for their new winning dream stuff. In this junk mail is, of course, an order form for tickets. Some prices aren't bad $25 each, others a little more steep at $100 each. Some say odds of winning are 1 in 20...which is 19 in 20 chances of not winning. This begins my arrival of maturity in dreams.

The odds seem good so I would buy tickets. Each time I would anxiously await the draw and fantasize about my winnings. Even going as far as remodeling some of the homes to suit me better. Do you know what I've won so far? Nothing. Not a single thing from all the dream home/vacation tickets I've purchased over 20 years. This didn't deter me at all, until this year.

One dream home right now is featured as being so large it needs an elevator. Seriously! An elevator! I was pondering the ridiculousness of this feature when it hit me - even if I were to win the house, how would I pay the land taxes and upkeep costs? 

Right now I rent a cheap house. It's not pretty (it's rapidly becoming the eyesore of the neighbourhood) but it's cheap. But the other costs pile up like water, natural gas, and power. If I won a million dollar home I would also have to pay land taxes as well. And repair costs after a few years. If my roof needs re-shingling I just call my landlord. If I owned the house I'd have to pay for that.

So yeah. Maturity is when you look the gift horse in the mouth out of caution. Sigh.


manchester fat acceptance said...

yeah i feel the same way about winning something like that. it would be very difficult to sell as well.


Chantelle said...

Yeah I understand that feeling, too. Realizing that one is a grown up sucks a bit because there's something comforting about the fantasy.

Also, having an elevator would be awesome if you're not good at stairs... but how extravagant!!! And who wants to pay upkeep for something that huge?

Love you,